About Lynn Hunter, M.E.F.A., B.A. (Hons)

Lynn is a graduate of Glasgow School of Art in Fine Art. She completed her Master’s Degree in European Fine Art in Barcelona with Winchester School of Art.

Her work expresses an aesthetic interest in repetition and pattern, examining both the natural and urban landscape through a diversity of media. She lived in Paris between 2005 and 2016, and is now based in Normandy.

She continues to work as a fine artist and has exhibited in many venues throughout Scotland, including the Royal Scottish Academy, Paisley Art Institute, where she won the Creativity Prize in the Scottish Drawing Competition, and both Glasgow and Edinburgh Print Studios. She has also exhibited in Paris, Milan, Barcelona, Washington D.C., Munich, and London.

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Nov.29 - Dec.22 2019, Centre Culturel Léopold-Sédar-Senghor, Port-en-Bessin, France

Artist Statement in relation to this exhibition:

The work is an investigation into the physical and psychological relationship with the urban environment. A detailed examination of the line, repetition and pattern inherent within the architectural structure is expressed by working with a variety of art media. Through the comparability of the selected subjects a visual reading system can be created. This system of mapping is established by using the visual association with architectural landmarks: the fragments of buildings retained by memory in order to find our way in unfamiliar territory. The series of work exhibited represents the remnants of this artistic journey and the exploration of ideas is presented as an open sketch book of cityscapes in all their differing forms.

Points of interest, from the emblematic to the abandoned and the obscure, the quirky and the unusual, which co-exist in curious juxtapositions, are researched, documented and analysed. These intertwining elements reveal the many compositions to be discovered within the urban landscape of Paris.

The artistic process engages with high and low art forms; the permanent against the temporary drawn in parallel with the old against the new; past against present. The use of found and recycled materials, temporary installations constructed, documented, dismantled and rebuilt, are in a perpetual cycle of metamorphosis. The layering of paintings over paintings enables the underlying piece to become part of a new composition. The collected materials layered in collages adds another dimension to the creative process, recalling the influence of the city of Barcelona. The artistic expression of multiple narratives evoking the process of renewal, decay, decline, and construction is representative of the many layers which make up the very fabric of city life. The research material recorded in sketch books over the years is visited and revisited, scrutinised, reworked and added to, continually flourishing. The work reflects the transient nature of the urban environment which is in constant flux and evolution.

A Fine Artist working with traditional techniques in the digital age is faced with new challenges. They can decide whether to reject or embrace the technology widely available and incorporate it into their art practice. This integration of complimentary techniques and the considered method of presentation retain fluidity within the work allowing for freedom of expression and interpretation.